About The Blog: Better Browsing

The Human Lens blog brings a variety of content to its readers and therefore this section is dedicated to a little description for helping in better and efficient browsing. 

1. For satisfying curiosity about the author, please log on to About Me.

2. The content is divided and recently revamped into precise categories and all content are open to public.


1. For the Breaking news, calamities, war and disasters updates and stories from the field please check out the Conflicts and Emergencies.

2. For a dose of Feminism, its history, intersectionality, race and  women of color  highly recommended to hit that browser button towards the Feminism Corner.

3. Issues related to gender, status of women, violence and stories of women and girl-children can be seen at Gender and Women Issues.

4. For the human rights problems and concerns, the section of Human Rights Concerns will aid you.

5. Our latest category containing informative stories, news relating to religious matters etc, in particular Islam and interfaith harmony, are simply found by clicking Islam and Shariah Matters

6. Another addition to original blogging with Awesome Awards that brings to readers attention the overall journey on our milestones.

Just In:

7. The ASEAN Affairs category is being launched for showcasing The Human Lens’ stories on rights based campaigning done with collaboration with N.S.I, SALT Movement and West Papuan activism can be found here.

Happy Browsing and please share your feedback and thoughts that will continue to help in future. improving. Thank you very much.

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