About me!

A bit on the crazy side, I’m a Pakistani, I am a Muslim woman and yet I don’t fit the usual stereotypes people lump Islam’s followers into. As far as I remember, I was always perplexed with the unfriendly society and cultural norms of my country. I never realized that such an experience would have a strong effect on me to use my freedom with a sense of responsibility for human rights.

A human rights journalist-activist and a gender trainer,  I have ample experience of working in h working in humanitarian sector. Being a woman and being a journalist in a developing country as Pakistan has been rough, challenging,  but very rewarding. Most of my career has been spent in being a field reporter, trainer and being amongst the people, in particular women and children is something I cherish and enjoy the most.

Hence the blog, as in my free time I like to talk to about things that I see in my country or abroad.  in my free time I like to blog about human rights issues that I see in my country, or abroad.

My areas of work includee variety of social issues, disasters, emergencies, conflict reporting and women rights issues. Additionally, I have been involved in several capacity building initiatives, plus certified trainer on human rights, peace-building and conflict resolution.

For my work, I extensively travel within Pakistan. The other countries I traveled for work purposes include: India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Iran, Syria, UAE, Jordan, Algeria, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovenia and this journey continues.

Just some house rule, feel free to write, comment and share your thoughts on the posts but please refrain from hate speech, intimidation and  name calling. Thanks a lot!!! :-)

16 thoughts on “About me!

  1. Hi, I would like to connect with you about working with young women and girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan….our programs provide free education in english language and computer/internet skills to both girls and boys. I hope we can connect to talk about this and more….thanks, and wishes for peace to you. ~Sarah

  2. Hello Saadia,
    I am so glad I found the link to your blog on an NGO’s Facebook page. I am a novice journalist, aspiring to extensively work on human rights issues in Pakistan. Please check you email.


  3. Hi Saadia,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and offering comments. I’ve lived in the UAE, have been to Karachi, and am Persian on my father’s side (despite my name, long story). I’m currently writing a book with an Egyptian woman about issues in the Middle East and within Islam. My forthcoming book (Knopf/Random House) examines, in some ways, how artists and writers in the West have abandoned or are disinterested in these clashes between cultures. I think the most important clash could be said to be between Islam and the West, and even more important, the women in Islamic societies fighting for their own rights. If women succeed to have their voices heard the world will be far more peaceful.

    Good work here and keep on with your journalism. Keep writing and blogging!


    • Hello Caleb!
      Thank you very much for the response. Very interesting to hear that you have been to Karachi, that by the way is the city I was born and raised into. I wish you the very best for your new endeavor, sounds an interesting topic to write. I will keep an eye for the up-coming publication. indeed, voices of women and men need to be addressed so as to achieve peace. Thanks again and all the best! Saadia

  4. I would love to hear your opinions on women within Islamic belief systems. I’m unlucky that I don’t have any female Muslim friends here in Leicester to discuss things with- religion and other cultures fascinates me!

  5. Dear Saadia, There are so many tragic situations in the world, all desperately in need of young activists to struggle against. But, please be careful for your own life. Know what you can do and what you cannot do.

    • Dear Jean, thank you indeed for your kindness and concern for my life, not many care for this issue as you have done. Your advice is well taken and I must confess that what I can do, I do with a zeal and what I am unable to do, is killing me from inside. Let’s hope for peace and stability, and a certainty that seems to have vanished from Pakistan. Thank you once more!!!!! :)

      • Dear Hqas,
        Try to understand that nothing can happen in Pakistan that does not or has not happened everywhere else, since time began. You are a brave young woman but don’t be foolish.
        What you are doing is so important. We want it to continue.

      • Exactly, I agree with you and I take heed to your sincere advice. Yes I will continue with my work and thank you for your encouragement and support. Sincere warmest greetings and love for you too!

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